Industrial Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging and industrial packaging systems are a challenge for us. We know that we have to offer our customers modern, but at the same time resistant packaging that can successfully replace other solutions especially made of plastic or other non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle materials.


Whether your products are small or big, delicate, fragile or robust, light or heavy – our folding boxes are the ideal packaging solution for transporting, storing or protecting them.


Combined with folding or die-cuted cardboard boxes, corrugated dividers and separators protect your products against contact and vibrations that can lead to destruction, especially in the case of fragile products such as glass.


Stable and durable, corrugated cardboard crates are the right solution for bulk products such as vegetables and fruits.
Whether manually or automatically assembled, they come flat for easy storage and save storage space.

Tailored solutions for every cardboard packaging problem that your company meets!

Our company produces in Timişoara and distributes locally, nationally and in the E.U. packaging made of corrugated cardboard, pasteboard and other types of boards for different industries.
We offer our partners: container boxes, die-cut boxes, display boxes, shelf-ready boxes (SRP), juice boxes (Bag In Box), crates for vegetables and fruits, boxes for transport, boxes for storage, dividing and cardboard separators, pressed cardboard corners (pasteboard angles) and other packaging systems.
All the products and services we offer make us the supplier your company needs.

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