containere CORRUGATED CARDBOARD CONTAINERS Solid and practical for industrial goods LEARN MORE containere-carton-boxpallet coltare CARDBOARD EDGE PROTECTORS Pressed cardboard, „L” profile for edge protection in different sizes, from small up to 100 x 100 mm LEARN MORE Coltare carton presat srp SRP - Shelf ready packaging Useful for both transport and product display LEARN MORE cutii prezentare la raft bag-in-box BAG-IN-BOX BOXES SOLUTIONS The perfect solution for transporting and storing liquids LEARN MORE Cutii de tip BAG-IN-BOX

Soluzioni per le sfide e fabbisogno di imballaggi di cartone che la tua impresa necessita

La nostra azienda produce a Timişoara e distribuisce imballaggi di cartone ondulato, cartone patinato, cartapesta e cartone pressato, a livello locale, nazionale e nell’Unione Europea.

Cosa offriamo ai nostri partner: scatole di tipo contenitore, scatole stampate, scatole tipo display, scatole shelf-ready (SRP), scatole per succhi (Bag In Box), casse per frutta e verdura, scatole per trasporto, scatole per magazzinaggio, divisori e separatori di cartone, angoli di cartone pressato e altri sistemi di imballaggio.

Tutti i prodotti e servizi che offriamo ci fanno il fornitore di cui la tua impresa ha bisogno.

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The industrial packings and packing systems are a challenge for us. We know that we have to offer our customers modern as well as durable packings which could successfully replace other solutions.


Regardless whether they are small or bulky, fragile or durable, light or heavy – our foldable cardboard boxes represent the ideal packing solution for transport, storage or protection of your products.


Shelf-ready type boxes (SRP) are the first choice when it comes to transport and display boxes. These boxes feature a very good maneuverability when packing the goods, offer a high degree of protection during the transport and are successfully used to display your products directly on the shelves.


Stable and durable, the corrugated cardboard boxes are the right solution for bulk products.
Whether they are assembled manually or automatically, there are delivered unfolded for easy, convenient and space-saving storage.