Boxes for fruits and vegetables


The cardboard boxes for fruits and vegetables manufactured by us are made using the best quality cardboard to offer the safety and appearance your products require.
They are delivered unfolded and will save a lot of space in the production areas. They are easy to assemble, so they can be transported directly to the fruits and vegetables packing area – in the field or in the production facilities.

All the cardboard boxes are designed to meet the physical requirements of the distribution chain, from the producer and to the final customer.

The strong points of this type of packing are:

  • standard dimensions available without additional manufacturing costs
  • they are easy to fold and use
  • due to the customization options, they can be used as final packing of the products
  • saving storage space
  • the option to customize dimensions
  • 100% recyclable

You don't know which type of box is the best for you? Check our box types catalog!

We’ve gathered the most used types of boxes, of the FEFCO codes in a catalog where you can choose the model that fits best your needs. If you still cannot decide upon a box type, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Pre-production services

We can also offer preproduction services, which include:

  • finding a model to meet your needs
  • issuing a product sheet – dimensions and quotas
  • technical drawing of the product on a 1:1 scale
  • graphic design if you want the boxes to have a print