Cardboard Angles


Usual range of products:

  • Side of 35 : 35x35x3, 35x35x4
  • Side of 45: 45x45x3, 45x45x4
  • Side of 50: 50x50x3, 50x50x4 50x50x5
  • Side of 60: 60x60x3, 60x60x4 60x60x5

For different sizes please contact us.


Press cardboard angles are designed to offer more safety to the packing solutions we offer to our customers, more protection against mechanical stress the products manipulated undergo, most of the times, during the transport from the manufacturer to the end customer. This product is a top product in the range of products offered by WEST PACKING DISTRIBUTION SRL, position due to the quality of the angles, short delivery terms, as well as the broad range of uses.

Cutting is made according to the customer’s preferences and needs, so that the product could better support the packing needs of those for which is intended. The pressed cardboard angles are available with several options which facilitate their ease of use, options which can include double-sided adhesive tape applied on only one side for better adhesion to the base surface.

Advantages of cardboard angles

  • Can be produced in small quantities
  • They have a high resistance to indentation
  • Sizes are adjusted to the individual needs of every client / it is possible to manufacture any size, according to the available production scopes, including the possibility of manufacturing asymmetrical arms of an angle
  • They are made of paper and bio-adhesives, which makes them environmentally friendly; When disposed, they undergo the same procedures as waste paper.
  • Can be printed with company logo.
  • Up to 6000 mm