Container Type Boxes


Container type boxes, manufactured from corrugated cardboard, represent the ideal solution for packing large or bulk products, which is more economical and quicker in comparison to the individual packing in smaller cardboard boxes.

This type of packing is environmental-friendly and yet it can withstand the toughest tests: weight, maneuverability, product protection and support.

The container type cardboard boxes are manufactured to fit the size of the wooden Euro-pallets, but also to the specific size required by you. These boxes come in different shapes and are manufactured using different: collapsible classic boxes, classic HSC boxes and bonnet or base, body or protection and a bonnet.
Combined with other products offered by WEPADI, such as cardboard angles, these products can be superposed in order to lower transportation costs.

We are here for you with advice regarding the choice of packing for your products.

You don't know which type of box is the best for you? Check our box types catalog!

We have put together the most used types of boxes in the FEFCO codes in a catalog where you can choose your model according to your needs. If you can not decide on a box type please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

Pre-production services

We can also offer pre-production services including:

  • finding a model that suits your needs
  • creating a product card – dimensions and odds
  • technical drawing of the product on scale 1: 1
  • graphic design where you want printing