Personalised Diecut Boxes


WEPADI offers all types of personalised die-cut boxes: self-forming boxes, self-closing boxes, classic Diecuted boxes etc. All these types of Diecuted boxes are delivered unfolded in order to be quickly used in production processes.

Manufactured to meet the customer’s needs of quick deliveries. Basically, this type of packing solution is destined for the customers with high volumes of objects which need to be packed in a very short time. This is a quick and reliable packing solution, thanks to it’s solid structure. We deliver these boxes sealed at one end, so that the customer can start packing right away. Sealing the boxes does not require adhesive tape, since this type of boxes comes with its own closing system.

These solutions are designed according to the exact customer specifications in terms of size and dimensions. Besides this technical personalizations, depending on the specific packing needs, the Die-cut carton boxes can be further personalized with rubber or screen prints, or can be laminated.


  • The products can be color printed
  • Our products offer a high degree of protection as well as excellent product display
  • They are 100% recyclable
  • They can be easily assembled, depending on the format
  • Some models do not require adhesive strip for closing
  • They are delivered folded, for hassle-free transportation and storage

You don't know which type of box is the best for you? Check our box types catalog!

We’ve gathered the most used types of boxes, of the FEFCO codes in a catalog where you can choose the model that fits best your needs. If you still cannot decide upon a box type, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Pre-production services

We can also offer preproduction services, which include:

  • finding a model to meet your needs
  • issuing a product sheet – dimensions and quotas
  • technical drawing of the product on a 1:1 scale
  • graphic design if you want the boxes to have a print