Shipping boxes


WEST PACKING DISTRIBUTION SRL has a short delivery term for this type of boxes, with a production capacity optimized for quickly taking up orders of large batches, as well as small batches. We also manufacture small batches, and, as far as the dimensions are concerned, our technical facilities allow us to be flexible and meet the specific needs of every customer.
A reliable product, perfect for the storage or transportation of industrial materials. The boxes are easily sealed using adhesive tape, which is available in our additional product range, as part of the packing solutions array we offer.

The boxes are manufactured according to the dimensions specified by the customer and can be personalized with the graphic print the customer requires. The print can have up to four colors and can be screen or rubber print. The boxes can be, as well, sheet lined.
Worlwide, this type of boxes is one of the most used packing solution in the industrial field, as well as in other fields. Every year, these boxes cover up to 80% of the packing needs all around the world. This need imposes a product flexibility according to the packed product specifications, as well as purpose of packing.

You don't know which type of box is the best for you? Check our box types catalog!

We’ve gathered the most used types of boxes, of the FEFCO codes in a catalog where you can choose the model that fits best your needs. If you still cannot decide upon a box type, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Pre-production services

We can also offer preproduction services, which include:

  • finding a model to meet your needs
  • issuing a product sheet – dimensions and quotas
  • technical drawing of the product on a 1:1 scale
  • graphic design if you want the boxes to have a print